“ Michael has been our licensed contractor for the construction of our 3500 square ft. performing arts center and I highly recommend him and his crews as a first class contractor. They are professional, punctual, hard working, and a maintain a calm and pleasant work atmosphere.”

-G.E., Director, Seaview Performing Arts Center HI

“Each and every person working on our house treated the job like they were working on their own home… our project was a thoroughly positive experience for all of us.”

-A.L., Grass Valley CA.

“A wonderful job and I thank you from my heart”

D.W., Crystal Hermitage, Nevada County CA.

“ …pleasant, patient, cooperative… a job well done with obvious love and caring”

L.D.,  Sierra Presbyterian Church, Grass Valley CA

About Us


Our Values:

  • To build high quality homes that serve the needs of our clients, our community and our planet.
  • To maintain open, fair and respectful (pono) relationships in all of our business transactions.
  • To seek continuous improvement of our services through education and training.
  • To offer our expertise, time and labor to the larger community through local non-profits.

 From Michael:

                I began my building career as a teenage laborer in Eastern Ohio, braving the frigid winters there to learn foundation work. At the ripe age of 19, and with limited skills, my brothers and I set out to build our own cabin in the backwoods of Kentucky, designing and building a 700 square foot structure there that still stands to this day. I have never forgotten the debt of gratitude I owe to family members, friends, mentors and other tradesman in those early years, whose generosity, time, advice, and resources allowed my interest in building to unfold. To this day, I am actively involved in education and have facilitated the development of many young carpenters, a good number of whom have gone on to become builders and contractors themselves.


                Over many years, evolving from laborer to carpenter helper, journeyman, foreman, superintendent, and then contractor, I began to understand the building process especially, from the point of view of the relationships of the people involved. My wife Ann and I helped found and then ran a very successful contracting firm in Northern California, the Ananda Builders Guild, which was a cooperative  venture of over 50 tradesman. We emphasized the community values involved in building, and the opportunity inherent in each new project to build not only structures, but goodwill, friendships, and community.

                After more than 20 years as a licensed contractor in Northern California, we moved to the Big Island in 2005 and continue our building here as a licensed contractor in the State of Hawaii.   I am blessed by the presence in my life of my wife of 35 years, Ann, daughter Kiya, and son Abram; all of whom are my dearest companions here. Our hobbies include, yoga, meditation, farming, music, volleyball, cosmology, astronomy, astrology, and volunteering at our local non-profit community, Polestar Gardens.

Aloha and Mahalo for your interest in our services,


                Here’s a recap of some of my favorite building projects, not already mentioned in the above.   (coming soon)