As a man who has worked on himself I have come to ease with the fact that I am obsessive to detail, anal compulsive, and a hopeless Micro-Manager. Oh yes and extremely difficult to please. So I am privileged to write about my positive experience in choosing Michael Gornik as a general contractor for two simultaneous projects. Here are the high points of working with him:

           1. He listens! I feel heard and understood.

           2. He is patient and creative in finding solutions.

           3. He is flexible and not attached to his position. (The customer is right!)

           4. His crew is very professional and get the job done right.

           5. I am ecstatic  with the results!

I have never worked with a contractor before but I had imagined their job to be taking care of the owner. This is what I have experienced all the way through my two projects. If you want your job done right he is your man. Please feel free to call me at any time…

Thanks for your consideration,

Lorn Douglas